Wendy E.

quoteDr. Davis is a highly qualified dentist with integrity, compassion and a great sense of humor! I had major structural work done on all of my upper teeth in order to strengthen the core which enabled me to keep my teeth. It involved crowns, bridges, and lots of detail work including gum work. They look unbelievable and not a day passes without someone commenting how beautiful and natural my teeth look. I am not afraid to smile anymore!

I drove 350 miles one way from the SF Bay Area for several months to his office because he is the best and yet, reasonably priced! It was well worth the trip and I would do it again in a heart beat. He was supportive, caring and very receptive to my needs. He did not hesitate to come to his office on a Friday night at 10 p.m. to help secure a crown. His office has state of the art equipment making every visit extremely efficient and every procedure spot on with the most modern equipment and techniques. Dr. Davis was always considerate in making sure I did not experience any pain. There was always concern for my comfort and convenience. He is a perfectionist and was thorough in discussing each procedure beforehand. Not only was he professional and accommodating, but one of the friendliest, dentists I have ever met. It is obvious he absolutely loves his job!

This is a wonderful office! Everyone in this office is very friendly, cheerful and excellent at their job. I truly feel that everyone has the patients' best interest at heart. It was always a pleasant experience to work with all of them. Dr. Davis set me on the road to better dental health and for that I am grateful. If you are in need of a competent Dentist and Staff, want a great experience and leave with an amazing smile, don't walk, but RUN to Dr. Richard Davis. When it comes to the best, there just is no one else in California that can give you that kind of quality care. I would definitely refer family and friends to his Practice.quote

Ines C.

quoteIt's obvious that the front desk woman, Diane, has been in the dental loop for YEARS. Really, I mainly go because of her. She speaks fluent "insurance" and uses an assertive tone with them. So, just bring your card and she handles EVERYTHING. Love it.quote

Brandy M.

quoteI've been to a few dentists in my life, very few are as gentle and professional as Dr. Davis is. His work is not only functional but, beautiful. He has a wonderful staff. The office manager helped me deal with all insurance needs and even spoke with the insurance company to get my benefits coverage and help me understand what's what. Overall, this dental office has it all, gentle, kind, courteous and very knowledgeable. Thank you Dr. Davis and Staff.quote

Suszanne P.

quoteI used to be afraid of the Dentist. Not anymore!! Dr.Davis took the time to make sure that I was comfortable and was not in pain.

I think so many people are afraid of the Dentist because of past experiences when they where young. I work in the medical profession and I can't believe how many people will not go to the dentist until they are in bad shape. Dr. Davis has an excellent team and I love getting my teeth cleaned and taking care of myself. Dr. Davis is meticulous about his work and not only is he mostly pain free, he is exceptional at cosmetic veneers and implants.

Thank you for your excellent work!!!quote

Joseph S.

quoteHe pulled my 5th wisdom tooth and had his hygenist do a cleaning. As painless as it gets! The whole staff was friendly and good natured. He spoke in plain English and made sure I understood exactly what was going on. I was on my way home in an hour and a half.quote

David S.

quoteI have been Rick's patient for years. He has seen me through some pretty tough situations. He is a fine, skilled dentist, and a warm human being. He is very honest and doesn't cut corners at all, but also has a reassuring and gentle demeanor. His office manager is a tough lady. She will definitely give you the straight information you need. I am always happy to refer people to Rick because I am sure they will get good treatment.quote

Elhanan G.

quoteI knew I needed major work so my girlfriend recommended Dr. Davis. She said that he's incredibly knowledgeable and makes you feel right at home. She wasn't lying. When he introduced himself he started a conversation about sports as if we were continuing a chat earlier. He's extremely friendly and is never without a smile.

Now I am a sissy when it comes to teeth aches and pains so it was nice to see that they "cater to cowards." Dr. Davis was very responsive to my needs and explained what would happen before each procedure. He didn't scare me by telling me how bad it was but rather tactfully responded with a "Let's just say we're gonna be real good friends."

When all was said and done I went back to the front for my free toothpaste, brush, floss and bill. Diane definitely knows the insurance game as she explained it rather eloquently to me without overloading my brain. She's quite witty as we had a bit of deadpan dialogue since I'm such a joker.quote

Debby R.

quoteHave been going to this dentist for over 21 years and would not go anywhere else! His patience and concern for your comfort are unmatched. Location is another plus! I found the ladies in the office to be very helpful and knowledgeable which helps me to stay focused and at ease. He's definitely one to consider if you lack courage!quote

Lisa S.

quoteI recently went to Dr. Rick Davis for dental work and it was a delightful experience. Diane, at the front desk is very helpful and efficient, especially with insurance. The other girl at the front desk, Lauren, is very sweet but unfortunately only there in the afternoons.

Dr. Davis is very different from other dentists I have been to before. I felt completely comfortable in his office. He pays attention to detail and does an excellent job. He also is very honest and realistic with dental treatment plans. You know how you normally fear or dread going to the dentist? Well, it is a very different story at Dr. Davis's office. You instantly feel like he is your good friend and you feel like you are in great hands when you are in his chair. I absolutely loved Dr. Davis and the staff! He even gave me his personal cell phone number at the end of my appointment so I could reach him if I had any trouble, questions, or pain. I was surprised but it shows how much he cares about his patients.quote

Lizzie S.

quoteI was recommended to Dr. Davis by my sister. I usually hate going to the dentist just like everyone else but I really enjoyed this dentist office. The front desk lady handled all of my insurance and you could tell she had a lot of experience. The hygienist is super sweet and did a great job on my cleaning.

I met Dr. Davis when he came in for my exam and he was so nice and easy to talk with. Usually dentist offices are quiet and awkward but I felt like I wanted to hang out there. I didn't mind at all when I had to get my fillings done. Dr. Davis even gave me his cell number to call if there were any problems over the weekend. Overall I think this is a great dentist office to go to with amazing staff that educate you on your mouth and dentistry in a friendly way.quote

Robert E.

quoteI recently moved from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara and needed to find a good dentist. My only issue was that when I was younger, I was traumatized when I had a tooth pulled. Since then it has always been difficult to be comfortable when I go to be worked on. Not the case with Dr. Davis!

He was very understanding of my concerns and handled the situation in the most professional manner possible. I was very impressed how easy and comfortable he made me feel on my first visit. If you live in the Santa Barbara county area and want the very best dental work done, then Dr. Davis is the one to see. He's simply the very best!quote

Lee M.

quoteJust wanted to say what a great experience I had with Dr. Davis and his staff last week. Everything they did was to make me comfortable (and they could tell I get freaked out at the dentist!). Ultimately I had to have a tooth extracted, but Dr. Davis removed it quickly with no pain. You guys are the best!quote

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